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H4H set at Circular Cities Week - NY
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H4H set at Circular Cities Week - NY
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H4H set at Circular Cities Week - NY
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House 4 House

Project Type

Children's Toyro



Recycled plastic + bamboo + Cork + Valchromat


2017 - Present


Cradle to Cradle Product Design Challenge



House 4 House is an award winning children's toy that aims to tackle the social and environmental issues facing the world today by inspiring the builders of tomorrow. House 4 House’s mission is simple: to teach children about sustainability through their house building kits and help build a real house for every toy house sold.

How do we do this?
House 4 house is a collection of toy construction kits inspired by different ways of building from across the world and made from cradle to cradle materials. House 4 House challenges the typical ‘pitched roof dolls house’ design whilst allowing children to explore their creative potential. Each kit comes with a set of miniature building materials, characters, furniture and guides to enable children to build their own little houses. When it’s time for a change, the starch-based mortar is simply washed off and the miniature materials can be used again.

Reinvesting in Real Life Building Projects
House 4 House has partnered with a micro finance charity so the profit from each kit sold is invested into real life building projects. Using House 4 House’s ‘Care’ncy platform, each child can log into our website and invest the money from their set into micro projects across the world and read about the people behind them.

What Next?​

House 4 House is currently prototyping sets with the aim to be on shelves in the coming year. Follow us at www.house4house.org


House 4 House was developed with fellow founding members Agnieszka Filipowicz and Ania Pierańska and Hannah Wood.

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