The Secret Garden

Project Type

Wedding Invitations


Print on recycled paper + recycled card cover


Private Couple

Year Completed


Inspired by Frances Hodgson Burnett's classic The Secret Garden, the invitation design aimed to give the recipient an unfolding experience. Once opened, Victorian style illustrations of flowers, birds and bees, invite the recipient on a journey ultimately revealing a treasure map of the big day.  

The wedding invitation is the very first part of the wedding experience and sets the tone for the big day. The client wished to create a wedding experience inspired by the book the Secret Garden. Taking inspiration from the period in which it was written, the design combined early 20th century botanical illustrations of English flora and fauna with vintage iconography such as old magnifying glasses and gramophones. Bees, birds and dragon flies dance buzz across the pages as the recipient opens the invite, unfolding different page formats and larger and richer imagery until they reach a full page treasure map detailing the weekend long experience.