This pinecone pitstop was built as a temporary resting stop on the climb up the dunes to the beaches of Nida. An empty shell with a single seat, the structure was designed to be gradually filled with the abundant pinecones and other woodland debris and blend into the surrounding forest. 


sdg 11 Sustainable cities and communitie
sdg 12 Responcible Consumption and Produ

The Next Step


Temporary Installation


Nida, Lithuania


Timber + wiremesh + pinecones


1.5m2 Internally



As part of The Next Step Workshop for EASA, 2016. Each participant was tasked to design and build a 1.2m x 1.2m section off a public stair connecting the forest to the sands dune in Nida, Lithuanian. Occupying the first run of steps, the design offers a place to pause and reconnect with the forest. A cantilevered structure is creates a shelter that can be filled objects found in the forest, such as the abundant pinecones, whilst a simple seat made from an existing tree stump provides a place to catch ones breath. The form compliments its neighbouring 'soviet inspired bus stop'  and over time its walls and roof become a parts of the forest.   

photographs by Alexandra Kononchenko